Workflow made simple

Cloud-based workflow optimization platform with a highly customizable and omni-channel solution that covers from the very initial guest touchpoint throughout all the service points of your operation and vendors back again to the guest.

Made for hoteliers by hoteliers.

Our Features

Collaboration & Productivity boosts

Customizable reports & Analytics

Flexible model & Easy onbarding

Security & Privacy

> Collaboration & Productivity boosts

Increase your teams synergy and work collaboratively

flowreq# equips team members with the tools to track guest request, collaborate or delegate requests to other stakeholders to create a unique experience for guests and assists in follow ups of every request individually through one seamless platform.

Empower your team to respond at light speed, no matter the enquiry

Shared inbox: Manage emails as a team with a simple yet powerful shared inbox.

Assign owners: Know who’s in charge of any conversation by assigning an owner.

Track status: Keep track of open conversations and close any resolved ones.

Filters: Create personalized views of your inbox easily and quickly with filters in loop.

Break it down: Multitasking allow employees to complete more work in less time, enabling the hotel to serve more guests and generate more revenue.

Template responses: Set up template responses to frequent queries and share them with your team.

Parallel tasks processing

Handling tasks parallely can reduce the risk of delays and bottlenecks in operations boosting your team’s productivity. By working on multiple tasks simultaneously, employees can complete more work in less time, allowing the hotel to serve more guests and generate more revenue. 

For example, if one department is waiting on another department to complete a task, parallel task handling can ensure that both tasks are completed in a timely manner. 

Finally, parallel task handling can help employees to develop their multitasking skills and adaptability, which can be valuable in a fast-paced industry like hospitality.

> Customizable reports & Analytics

Measure and improve efficiency, boost your guest satisfaction

Monitor your service levels by using real-time data about requests, response time, trends and business flows. Understanding the efficiency of processes, team members and vendors based on predetermined metrics. Speed up response time and help team member prioritise requests based on urgency. With time triggered alerts, ensure no requests are left unattended.

It is all about data

flowreq# provides analytics that allow you to measure and improve the customer experience.

Get instant access to data allowing you a deeper understanding of how your business stands with all parties involved. You can analyze team performance, third party and vendors responsiveness as well as getting a better understanding of your business volume and needs enabling you to efficiently use your resources.

Real-time activity log

Keep track of all guests requests accurately. View each team members and system activities on queue as needed in real time, even review teams performance on multi-department set-up.


Generate custom reports easily for the day to day operations. Save time by customizing your most frequent internal auditing needs. Keep track of revenues, productivity and system usage.

> Flexible Model & Easy onboarding

Personalize your solution

Fully customizable to fit your operational layout

flowreq# adapts to your needs and gives you the flexibility to outline your own workflow to better serve your team and your guests. Book and send confirmations, give recommendations, cross promote services or experiences, dynamic response templates or proposals and more.

Individual departmental accesses

Give different permissions according to the roles and responsibilities of each team member and even expand the platform to multifunctional departments.

Secure & Compliant

We have an uncompromising commitment to privacy. Our system is built with the highest Microsoft Azure standards, complying to GDPR standards in order to ensure guest information is kept private and secure at all times.

Fast Launch & Great Customer support

flowreq# is a cloud-based system, requiring zero investments in infrastructure and allows easy implementation. With a hands-on team, we will assist you to set-up and tailor your flowreq platform, offering dedicated technical support as your team efficiency grows.

Easy & Cost effective interface

An intuitive and dynamic employee-centric design, ready to stand the longest shifts.

> Security & Privacy

Our #1 value is trust, and we take the responsability of handling our customer data very seriously.

Access & Security 

flowreq# provides strict access control and security features to help customers effectively protect their information.

Data & System hosting 

flowreq# uses Microsoft Azure to host customer instances and Service Data, allowing us to comply with Regional Data hosting regulations across the globe, with the highest availability and security standards.

Data privacy

Privacy, data security and subscriber trust are our top priorities. flowreq# does not disclose Service Data, except as necessary to provide our Services and to comply with applicable laws. We are compliant with both CCPA and GDPR Privacy regulations.